Strengthening The Office


The Public Advocate’s office is critically important in the City of New York – serving not only as a watchdog over the Mayor and City agencies, but acting as the direct voice of the people. With our public housing and subways in disrepair, we need to strengthen the office now more than ever to continue investigating injustice, following up on residents’ complaints and ensuring all New Yorkers have a high quality of life.


We need to give the Public Advocate’s office investigatory and subpoena powers to fully execute its role as city watchdog. Limiting power – or abolishing the office – only strengthens City Hall’s power over legislation, agencies and our residents.


While the Public Advocate has a tie-breaking vote in the New York City Council, I believe the office should have its own vote. With advocating on behalf of City residents being the office’s main mission, the Public Advocate should have a larger say in the legislative process.

Fixing NYCHA Housing


Born and raised in Prospect Plaza, a NYCHA development demolished under a Federal HOPE VI grant, I  have experienced firsthand the effects of displacement and the need for adequate representation and housing. I have dedicated my life’s work to advocacy – and for nearly a decade, have worked to preserve affordable housing. As a litigator, I’ve helped tenants avoid eviction and defended young minority victims of “stop-and-frisk” practices.


It’s time we ending this housing crisis to ensure everyone has quality housing and the basic needs to live and survive in New York City.


We must continue fighting for increased City funding while putting pressure on the federal government to ensure it delivers on its promised funding.

Being The City's Watchdog


I will never hesitate to stand up to the Mayor and take him on whenever he neglects the needs of any community, or wherever I see the inhumane treatment of any group of New Yorkers.


Justice, fairness and equity are the values that guide me as a mother, as a community leader, and as an Assemblywoman, and they are the values that will shape my service and vision as New York City’s next Public Advocate.

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